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Call for expressions of interest


Since the launch of the first Earth Explorers and of the Sentinel missions, ESA has achieved a preeminent role as a provider of Earth Observation (EO) data, while the latest EO-based science and R&D activities have opened the door to a new generation of EO data products, novel applications and scientific breakthroughs offering a novel view on the Earth systems, its processes, and its interactions with human activities. These emerging sets of capabilities offer unique opportunities for an enhanced and extensive use of EO technology in the development of future digital twins.
The ESA Digital Twin Earth programme (ESA DTE) aims at supporting Member States to create the conditions for a strong uptake of novel EO capabilities in the future design and implementation of operational Digital Twins ecosystems.

In particular, ESA DTE aims at bringing the latest EO-based products, science results and capabilities to a pre-operational level and develop a comprehensive set of novel EO-based Digital Twins Components (EO DTCs), designed to demonstrate the potential value of EO for the future evolution of DestinE alongside national digital twin initiatives.

Scope of the Call

As a first step, ESA is launching this call for Expressions of Interest (EoIs), inviting the community to express their support for the development of a specific EO-based DTC and offer their vision and justifications for such a development.

EoIs will be used by ESA as fundamental community inputs to structure the programme implementation and identify initial priorities to drive the first set of open Invitations to Tender for the development of EO-based DTCs to be launched by the end of 2023.

Interested parties are invited to submit an EoI in the form of a short (max 4 pages) white paper, offering their vision and justifications for an EO DTC development.

The call for EoIs can be downloaded here


EoI shall be submitted to:

Important Dates

10th May 2023

Last day for questions

15th May 2023

Deadline for the submission of the EoI


Questions and submissions can be emailed to:


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